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  • Why nearly 70 percent of HR executives are looking at or evaluating identity protection as an employee perk to help them attract top talent
  • Why Forbes ranked identity protection service as one of the top unconventional benefits to retain superior talent
  • How an identity protection service can engage your team and boost productivity by as much as 17 percent

Why identity protection as a benefit?

There are 27 million businesses in the U.S. alone, and nearly all of them are fighting for the same small group of talent in their industry. With so much competition, companies are spending a fortune trying to attract, retain, and engage top talent. But, the world is a changing place, one where salary alone is no longer enough. Often, the decision to join or remain at a company comes down to the benefits an organization provides, and identity protection has consistently ranked among the most desired.

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At InfoArmor, we believe everyone deserves the right to privacy, security, and above all else, peace of mind. This is why we’re proud to offer industry-leading solutions for employee identity protection and advanced threat intelligence. From enterprise to employee, InfoArmor redefines how organizations combat an ever-changing cyber threat landscape. If you’d like more information on how we can help your organization protect its most valuable assets, reach out. We’d love to hear from you